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In the Philippines, the insurance industry is growing at a rapid pace. This is due in part to the country’s growing population and its increasing wealth.

There are now over 200 insurance companies in the Philippines, and the sector is expected to grow even further. One of the main reasons for this growth is the increasing popularity of private health insurance in the Philippines. This type of insurance covers medical costs outside of the public health system. In addition, the country’s economy is growing, and people are increasingly investing in insurance to protect themselves from potential financial losses.


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Frequently asked questions about insurance agent jobs in the Philippines

Why be a Philippines Insurance Agent?

Insurance in the Philippines is still relatively affordable, and there are a number of insurance companies to choose from.

This makes it a good option for people of all income levels. In addition, the country’s insurance laws are very strict, which makes it difficult for insurance companies to scam their customers.

You can make your own appointments with clients and work around your schedule, allowing you to have a work-life balance and spend time with family and friends. Additionally, you can work in the field with clients or dealing with insurance claims, or you can work remotely from home.

How do I prepare for an insurance agent interview in the Philippines?

If you’re going to sell insurance, you need to communicate the benefit of it and the need for it,” says Paul Powers, a management psychologist. “To establish rapport, instead of starting with life insurance, for example, you talk about protecting your family in the worst of circumstances.”

Beyond these basics, what can you do to make the most of your insurance sales interview? Here are nine top tips.

1. Brush Up on the Industry

“Go to competitors’ sites and learn what kinds of trends are going on in the industry,” says Michael Neece, an interview expert and chief strategy officer at Pongo Software LLC. “What are the drivers that will be influencing the market over the next 18 months?”

Says Powers: “Your knowledge indicates your competence and interest.”

2. Prepare to Sell Yourself in a Minute

“Create the 60-second sell,” says Robin Ryan, author of 60 Seconds and You’re Hired. “Take your five best selling points and link them together in a couple of sentences.”

3. Talk About Your Selling Prowess

“How you can bring in sales — that will be the main focus of the interview,” says Linda Matias, author of How to Say It: Job Interviews.

Professionals coming from functional areas other than direct sales should talk about how they can excel at selling. “Candidates should talk about why they’re suited for sales [and] why they would thrive in that environment,” Strubberg says.

4. Be Ready for the Tough Questions

Salespeople often have checkered careers, so they need to be able to talk confidently about their work history. “Prepare answers in advance,” Ryan says. “Anyone can improve their interview if they write out answers to questions like, ‘Have you ever been fired?’”

5. Find Out What You’ll Be Doing All Day

How much time will you spend in the office? Paying calls on clients and prospects? Filling out paperwork? Working late? Now’s the time to find out. “Ask what is a typical day in the life of an insurance sales executive at this particular company,” Neece says.

6. Show You Know How to Learn

Insurance products are complex and changeable. In addition to demonstrating a basic knowledge of your prospective employer’s business, you need to convince the interviewer that as a new hire, you’ll be able to drink from the proverbial fire hose. “The interviewer will be looking for trainability,” Matias says.

7. Come with Questions that Transcend the Obvious

Show that you’ve thought about this career opportunity enough to ask questions that go a step further than your rivals’. “The questions you ask have two potential benefits: You can communicate information about yourself, and you can gather the data needed to decide on a job offer,” Powers says. For example, “ask about turnover rate, the types of people who are most successful in the job, training, technology support and actuarial support.”

8. Zip Your Lip on Money Until Late in the Game

“You really have no leverage to talk about compensation until someone wants to hire you,” Neece says. In any case, there’s usually not much an insurer will do to sweeten the deal beyond its standard salary-and-commission structure, at least for staff-level sales positions. “The hiring manager has very little leeway.”

9. But Do Ask the Interviewer to Get Real about Compensation

Don’t be satisfied with broad claims to the effect that the sky’s the limit. “Ask what their top earner makes and their bottom earner,” Ryan says. “How many of their salespeople earn less than P50,000?”



Highly driven

Entrepreneurial spirit and goal-oriented

A strong work ethic

Continuous learner with a deep interest in client needs

Ability to develop and maintain relationships

Excellent communication skills

Persuasive, able to motivate others to action

Business development and prospecting skills

Strong sales orientation and a passion for putting clients first

How can I be a licensed insurance agent in the Philippines?
In order to be issued a license, a brokerage company must have a qualified and approved soliciting official. On the other hand, an insurance agent must be a resident of the Philippines and pass a qualifying examination conducted by the IC.

We will train you to pass the following: 

1. Traditional Licenses: Any health and insurance related products

2. Variable License: Any investment related products

3. Non-life License: General insurance needs (Travel, Car and Housing Insurance)

Who is legally allowed to be an insurance agent in the Philippines?
Who can become an insurance agent? The only requirement for becoming an insurance agent is that the candidate must be over 18 years of age and should have completed the examination. This means that anybody who has an aptitude for selling insurance policies can become a legaland qualified insurance agent.
Are these home based insurance agent jobs?

Yes, all the advertised positions are for home based insurance agents located anywhere in the Philippines.

What are the average earnings for insurance agents in the Philippines?

The Average Salary of an Insurance Agent in the Philippines

If you’re looking for a career in insurance, the Philippines is a great place to start. The average salary for insurance agents in the Philippines is around Php 30,000 to over Php 100,000 per month, depending on the business you generate. However, the Philippines is still a lucrative market for insurance agents, with a population of over 100 million people. If you’re interested in a career in insurance, the Philippines is a great place to start.



What is the average salary for insurance agents in the Philippines?


The average salary of an insurance agent in the Philippines varies depending on the location. The salary ranges from Php40,000 to Php200,000 in the main regions of the country. The salary is usually higher in the major cities such as Manila, Cebu, and Davao. Insurance agents are in high demand in the Philippines because of the high rates of insurance fraud. They are also essential for protecting the interests of the public.


How many insurance agents are there in the Philippines?


The Philippines is a country with a population of over 100 million people. The country is also one of the most diverse in the world as it has over 7,000 islands. This vastness of land and people has led to a thriving insurance industry in the Philippines.


The main reason for this high salary is the high demand for insurance in the Philippines. The Philippines has a population that is extremely sensitive to risk. This is why insurance companies are able to profit from the high demand for insurance in the Philippines.


The insurance industry in the Philippines is also growing rapidly. This is due to the fact that the Philippines is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. This means that more and more people are able to invest in insurance products. This leads to increased demand for insurance services and higher salaries for insurance agents.


What are the benefits of being an insurance agent in the Philippines?


According to research reports, the average salary of an insurance agent in the Philippines is Php365,912 per year. This is considerably lower than the average salary of an insurance agent in the United States, which is around $80,000. However, the Philippines has a population of over 100 million people, which means there is a lot of potential for growth in the insurance agent industry there.


In addition, the insurance industry in the Philippines is still developing, which means there are a lot of opportunities for insurance agents who are willing to learn and grow their careers. The Philippines is also a very affordable country to live in, which makes it a great place to start a career in the insurance industry

What qualifications are required for one to be an insurance agent in the Philippines?

How to Become an Insurance Agent in the Philippines


 If you want to work as an insurance agent in the Philippines, there are a few things you need to do first. Fortunately, we will help you with the process. The steps involved are as follows:

– First, you’ll need to obtain a license from the Philippine Insurance Commission.

– Second, you’ll need to pass the Philippine Insurance Agent Licensing Examination.

– Finally, you’ll need to find an insurance company that is willing to hire you.



Obtaining a License


If you’re interested in becoming an insurance agent in the Philippines, you’ll need to have a valid license from the Philippine Insurance Commission (PIC). Once you have your license, you’ll need to pass the Philippine Insurance Agent Examination (PIAE).


If you’re looking for a career in insurance, the Philippines is a great place to start. The insurance market is growing rapidly, and there are a lot of opportunities to find work as an insurance agent. In addition, the Philippines has a stable economy and a high standard of living. If you have the qualifications and the ambition to become an insurance agent in the Philippines, you’ll be able to make a great career for yourself.


Passing the Philippines Insurance Agent Licensing Examination


The Philippines is a country rich in culture and history. With over 100 million people, it is one of the most populous countries in the world. It is also one of the most diverse countries in the world, with over 120 different languages spoken. And the insurance industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the Philippines.

What is the most lucrative insurance that an insurance agent can sell in the Philippines?

Actually, hard-working insurance agents regularly earn well in their first year. Life insurance agents enjoy a lucrative career, but it does involve a constant hustle, networking, and sales in evenings and on weekends and general hard work

Insurance Agent Compensation

The insurance agent role is 100% commission-based (Advisor Contract and Commission Table)

Quarterly Bonuses

Retirement fund (4% of qualified earnings)

“What people realize when they attend our seminars is that insurance is a rewarding career. It can actually make sales agents millionaires,” says De Rosas.